Eco-Friendly Cards


Using green materials and printing methods

Green Recycled Stock

Thick 100lb. Paper

Go Green™ Certified


Your clients will appreciate your responsible choice.

Sustainable Methods

Printing for the environmentally conscientious Weichert Realtors agent

All Our Eco Friendly Weichert Realtors business cards, are printed using recycled materials and environmentally-friendly printing practices.


Sustainable Methods

For the environmentally conscientious Weichert agent

All Eco-Friendly Weichert business cards, are printed using recycled materials and environmentally-friendly practices.


Smart agents take a GREEN approach to branding & marketing.

Saving the planet – one tree at a time


We are leveraging print technology and efficiency, while increasing value and sustainability

The typical office person uses almost 1.5 lbs. of paper each day. That is over 547 lbs. per year! If you then factor the amount of people in a typical office, you will see how it all adds up. The paper & pulp industry is the third largest industrial polluter of water and land in America. By just changing the type of paper they use, they could make a big improvement to the environment.

The paper making process produces a lot of waste and every month, printers use approximately 40K lbs. of paper, which produces about 1200 lbs. of liquid waste, as well as approximately 180,00 gallons of wastewater, and 300,000 BTUs of energy. When you choose a sustainable printing material like recycled paper, you can make a substantial difference to the environment.

100% Recycled and Beautiful!

Our selection of 100% Recycled business cards are available in smooth uncoated or satin matte stocks to suit anyone’s style. With it’s smooth natural appearance, it’s easy to understand that they are not just environmentally friendly, but also stylish. Our business cards are so unique and custom, you won’t believe they’re made from 100% recycled paper. Our 100 lb. paper features a delicate yet noticeable texture in a sturdy 16pt thickness.

These business cards utilize 100% recycled paper yet still have a premium look & style. Your brand is your image in the eyes of your customers and we understand that. So we’re committed to giving you the highest quality product and the most innovative designs that help you focus on elevating your business and your brand. We make ordering your new Eco-Friendly business cards simple simple and fast, so give us a try.

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